Bell Ringers

St Andrew’s Tower Views of St Andrew's (3)

There are eight bells in the tower ranging from the Treble which weighs 4 cwt and is in the key of F, to the Tenor at 15 cwt and also in the key of F.  The total weight of bells is just under 3 tons, with another 2 tons of steelwork to hold them.

There are 25 steps to the first floor chamber where we ring. The tower has three chambers: the ringing chamber, the clock chamber and the bell chamber and there are a total of 100 steps to the top of the tower which is 74 feet to the roof level.

There is always a need for more bellringers, and we welcome not only anyone who would like to learn but also, of course, those who already ring. You do not have to be strong and you do not have to be musical to ring; it is a technique which will take you nearly 2 years to learn and from there on the learning process never stops. I have been ringing since 1967 and still learn something new with every peal.

Anyone who is interested in coming along can contact me, Mike Jeffery via the contact us form. We are proud and privileged to have the bells and we would not want them to become silent. At the moment we do not have a set practice night.

Mike Jeffrey, Captain of the Bell Tower

Mike Jeffery, Captain of the Bell Tower