Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals


A baptism, or Christening, is the first step on a journey of faith when a person, most often a baby or child, is welcomed into the family of the church and the parents and godparents undertake to guide the young person to a life of faith.

The baptism will often take place within the framework of regular worship so that the wider congregation also bears witness to the event and will offer prayers for the family and Godparents.

It is not exclusively babies and infants who come for baptism; often adults wish to make the commitment for themselves.

If you would like more information on baptism, please visit  or contact the Parish Secretary as detailed below.

WeddingsWedding (2)

Congratulations on your engagement!  If you are considering a wedding in church then the Church of England offers a wider choice than ever before. Whatever your beliefs, whether you are Christened or not, whether or not you are a regular church-goer, a church wedding makes this wonderful event very special indeed.

For more information on what options the Church of England offers, please visit

If you would like to discuss your wedding in one of our churches, please initially contact the Parish Secretary as detailed below.


A funeral is an occasion when friends and family come together to mark the end of a person’s life on earth.  It offers a time to support and comfort the bereaved and also to celebrate a life well-lived.  Everyone is entitled to a funeral in Church and to burial or interment of ashes in the churchyard.

For more information on arranging a funeral in church, please visit

If you would like to discuss funeral arrangements either in one of our churches, or have the Parish Priest conduct the service at a crematorium, please speak to the Parish Secretary as detailed below. However, because St Andrew’s churchyard is owned by Moretonhampstead Parish Council, please also contact 01647 440041 if you require burial, or interment of ashes there.

The Parish Secretary is available on a Tuesday between 09.30and 13.00; alternatively, you can send an email, or leave a message on her answerphone:

Julia Vittles, Parish Secretary
Tel: 01647 441413

The Vicar can be contacted at any time by phone: 01647 441413, or by email: