WELCOME to our group of four churches on the eastern side of Dartmoor

TRINITY SUNDAY, celebrated last month, marks a watershed in the Church’s year; up to this point, the great festivals centring on Christ’s birth, life, death and resurrection and the giving of the Holy Spirit have been taking place.

For the next two dozen or so Sundays after Trinity, the readings set for each Sunday apply the truths of the faith to the lives of Christians – at least, this is a general picture of what happens, and all these are interspersed with days celebrating the lives of saints and martyrs whose lives are remembered and retold as an example and encouragement to followers of Christ today. Some martyrdoms are relatively recent, such as that of Bernard Mizeki, an African martyr who was speared to death on 18th June 1896. Later, on 22nd June, is the martyrdom of St Alban, the earliest recorded British Christian martyr; the date of this is uncertain but is usually given as 209 or 254.


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Let our churches inspire you!

The four parish churches and one chapel that comprise this benefice are all cultural icons of the communities they serve and are of considerable heritage importance.

Much more than that, however, except during the present emergency, they are also living centres of Christian worship, offering peace and solace to all who enter them, and the Good News of Jesus Christ – as relevant as ever to the needs of a turbulent world.

So please come and explore our website and find out more.

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St Andrew’s is a Fairtrade church