WELCOME to our group of four churches
on the eastern edge of Dartmoor.

ALL OUR CHURCHES ARE OPEN for private prayer and reflection
between 10 am and 4 pm.  Please note the times of Sunday services
when planning your visit – and do join us for one!

If you wish to visit outside the hours listed above,
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Trinity Sunday stands at a pivotal point of the Christian year, separating the season of the great festivals of Easter, the Ascension, and the giving of God’s Holy Spirit at Pentecost. From now until Advent is what is called a period of ‘Ordinary Time’ when many of the teachings of the Church are recalled and applied in the lives of believers.

The Trinity itself, or perhaps we should say ‘themselves’, is not a concept easy to grasp. But the image above may remind us of the baptism of Jesus when, alongside him, God the Father was heard speaking to him from Heaven, while the Holy Spirit was observed descending on the newly baptised Christ in the form of a gentle dove. Here, as in few other places in Scripture, there can be said to be a near-perfect portrayal of the Trinity, every member of which is in complete harmony and working together in love.

please use the
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If the matter is sufficiently urgent and you would rather telephone, then please ring Lionel Holmes
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We can put you in touch with a member of the ministry team, should you wish to discuss church or personal matters

– or just have a chat.

Every church in the Moreton benefice now has its own Facebook page where a quantity of recent information is to be found in addition to what appears on this website. They may be reached by clicking on the links below:
For St Andrew’s in Moreton, please click HERE
For St Winifred’s in Manaton, please click HERE
For St John’s in Lustleigh, please click
For St John’s in North Bovey, please click

To locate our churches, the postcodes for each one may be found by clicking on SUNDAY SERVICES.

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Let our churches inspire you!

The four parish churches and one chapel that comprise this benefice are all cultural icons of the communities they serve and are of considerable heritage importance.

Much more than that, however, they are also living centres of Christian worship, offering peace and solace to all who enter them, and the Good News of Jesus Christ – as relevant as ever to the needs of a turbulent world.

So please come and explore our website and find out more.

If you’d like some information about our Christian faith, please click here.

Many of the beautiful photographs taken for our website are the work of Mike Rego whose work may also be viewed on his website at

St Andrew’s is a Fairtrade church

A Fairtrade stall sells Fairtrade goods, mainly food, in church every second Sunday of the month