Julian Meetings

The Julian Meetings foster the teaching and practice of contemplative prayer in the Christian tradition, to encourage this type of prayer, and to explore ways of doing it that are appropriate in one’s daily life.  For this purpose, you are invited to support the local ecumenical Julian Meetings whose members meet regularly.  These meetings are open to anyone.

A brief reading and/or piece of music leads into half-an-hour of silent prayer.  The session continues with tea and conversation.  What happens is best expressed on the Julian prayer card: ‘Relax your body, and quieten your mind.  Be open to God in the silence.  God is with you, here, now.  Do not strive or be anxious; be silent, be still, and let God love you.’

A Julian Meeting is normally held in Moretonhampstead on the first Thursday of every month at 2.30 pm (except not usually in January).  For further details, including venue, please contact Marion Miles (01647 440998) or Wendy Ellis (01647 440797).