Coronavirus and the Moreton Benefice

You will all be aware of the latest government guidance in relation to the increasing concerns about the impact of the virus on the population of the UK. This is a fast-changing situation and inevitably there will be many questions that we will not be able to answer. But the Church of England has published new advice. This is available at:

But the headlines are as follows:

  1. CHURCHES ARE CLOSED. However, some prayer resources are available at:
  2. There are various online worship resources. More information is available from the Exeter Diocesan website:
  3. You will all know people in the community who need extra support and it’s important that we continue to look out for those in need and share in our community responsibilities. We will do our best to update advice as the situation develops. Please look at the Moreton Benefice website. Our contact details are in IN TOUCH. So please do get in touch if you think we can help:

Wendy Ellis, Lionel Holmes & John Randall (Lay Readers)