If you are interested in applying for a place on the FOUNDATIONS IN CHRISTIAN MINISTRY course that starts in the autumn, please be aware that the closing date for applications (online) is this Easter.

At the foot of page 12 of April IN TOUCH, there is a welcome offered to any who wish to visit a series of gardens in Manaton. Obviously, this invitation is no longer appropriate and we therefore urge everyone to heed the Prime Minister’s advice.

At the foot of page 10 of April IN TOUCH, there is a note about food banks. Just after we went to press, it was pointed out that many people might be reluctant to handle goods or visit certain buildings for fear of spreading infection. There is an alternative!  If you are reading this on FORUM, you will obviously have a computer, so you can visit and simply make a financial donation online – ever so simple and totally harmless!

On page 7 of April IN TOUCH, it is insufficiently clear that meetings of U3A are SUSPENDED for the immediate future. Apologies for this omission.

On a brighter note, the Church of England attracted the largest ‘congregation’ ever with first virtual service Mothering Sunday, in spite of the suspension of public worship in its churches to stem the spread of coronavirus.